Songmics Pair of Telescopic Walking Sticks Review

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Songmics Pair of Telescopic Walking Image 1Songmics Pair of Telescopic Walking Sticks, Color:
first section: black (SAS60H)/ blue (SAS60Q)/ white (SAS60W)
rest sections: black

Aadjustable length: 65 cm-135 cm
Weight: 260 g per pole

Shipping List:
2 x Trekking Poles
2 x Walking Feet
2 x Ferrules
2 x Mud Baskets
2 x Snow Baskets
2 x S-Shaped Clips

– Dense EVA foam handle and flannel wrist strap make the pole easy to grip without s weat and provides warm insulation
– Stick body treated with painting, bright color without fading
– Flip-lock adjustment mechanism can quickly turn on and turn off
– Supplied accessories prevents the tip sinking, provides stability and support

– Reduces stress and body weight on knees, shoulders and lower back, and eases the joint pain.
– Help bounce you up when walk on steep slopes and walk faster on flat surface.
– With supplied accessories, the pole is suitable for daily walking, camping, hiking and mountaineering.

– Turn the end of the pole to lock it in place and do not exceed the STOP sign.
– The screw for spiral lock is fixed, please do not unscrew it with force.
– Prohibiting using the pole to pulling people.
– For sake of safety, please attach the ferrules on the the tip when not in use.

Maintenance Instruction:
– After use, please pull out each section and clean both of the inside and outside.
– Please check the locking device after use.

Use Instruction:
– When walk on the flat surface, the optimum height is the height when your elbow is bent to 90 degrees.
– Please shorten the length to support the body weight when walk up.
– Please extend the length to ease the pressure on the joints when walk down.

Spring loaded damping system (shock protection) – The anti-shock suspension relieves your arm joints, knee joints and leg muscles whilst hiking, provides extra protection against Sports Injuries,The length is freely adjust – with the help of the twist mechanism and pre-printed Centimetre Scale can be perfectly in length can be individually set from 135 cm to 65 cm Wanderstöcke and reliable. The Songmics Pair of Telescopic Walking Sticks recommended stick length: Height (cm) x 0.66,Ergonomically shaped handle, easy to grasp design made of high density EVA foam, in the winter won’t get cold, absorbing the sweat; in summer and the strap is adjustable and lined with a soft fleece inner bag, the, provides a better hand feeling, good air permeability,Materials of stock shaft and tip – 6061 aluminum, due to optimal balance between lightness and stability Hervorragt, Tungsten Steel Tip, metal, very high corrosion resistance and slip-resistant, Songmics Pair of Telescopic Walking Sticks has Interchangable to change – 2 x asphalt pads, trekking basket, Snow plate, S Shape Buckle and protective cap are included in the box contents.

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  • Anti-shock system – internal spring relieves the pressure on the joints of wrists, elbows and shoulders, stabilizes walking pattern and reduces risk of injuries
  • Flip-lock adjustment mechanism – with the mechanism, you quickly and easily adjust the height in 65 cm-135 cm to suit you perfectly (recommended pole length: height (cm) x 0.66)
  • Ergonomic handles and nylon wrist strap – comfortable PP hanlde and foam vice handle with grip and adjustable nylon wrist strap, non-slip and sweat-absorbent, easy to hold
  • Durable and strong material – made of lightweight aluminum alloy and hard tungsten tip, resistant to corrosion without slippery, giving a much firmer control and ensuring the toughness
  • Strong Aluminum Alloy – Aluminum alloy trekking poles are not easy to bend or snap, great for long time mountaineering, hiking, etc. Comes with 2 rubber tips, house shoe caps, mud baskets, snow baskets and S-shaped clips, giving you support in all terrain; also great as a gift to your family or friends loving mountaineering

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