RayZor Ski Snowboarding Goggles Review

RayZor Ski Snowboarding Goggles Image 1The RayZor Ski Snowboarding Goggles, Could Fit Any Person
No matter whether you are a man or female, boy or lady. These uniesex goggles are perfect for winter months, skiing, snowboarding or perhaps motorcross. We designed RayZor Ski Snowboarding Goggles item making use of a broad angle since we desire our product to fit every person’s head (particularly, if you are putting on a headgear). Plus, the dual width adds to the protection and also presence of your eyes, so the only thing you have to bother with is just how you’re mosting likely to remove that next dive.

Specialist Grade
The Rayzor goggle is for novices and also professionals alike. We wished to craft an item that any individual that loves winter season sports could like. That’s why this professional item is CE authorized. As a testimony to exactly how tough the RayZor Ski Snowboarding Goggles is, we ensure they are unbreakable, regardless of what winter sporting activities you are doing. If there is any type of issue in your product, return them within a year, as well as we ensure a substitute or 100% refund warranty.

Item Information:
Polycarbonate plastic and rubber compound frameworks
Shatterproof UPC lenses that have actually undertaken an unique therapy that will protect against haze and also dampness

Black, Red, Pink Camouflage, Blue Camouflage, Silver Camouflage, White, Vented, Wide Tilted Spherical Lens.

Wintertime Sports Goggles have These Functions
Anti Glare
Anti Fog
Dual Lenses
Triple split soft fleece foam
Safety helmet Compatible
100% UVA and UVB security
Permits complete clarity in flat light and also brilliant light

Item Comes With:
Micro Fibre Carry Situation
Micro Fibre Lens Cloth


Light-weight Black Goggles with a Shatterproof Polycarbonate Frame as well as a Flexible headband Birthing the RayZor Logo Design.
Fleece Lined Soft Foam Cushioning around the Inner Frames for Comfort Fitting.
These Safety glasses will certainly fit most makes and also designs of Ski Safety helmet.

Double Lens:
UV400 Blue Iridium Mirrored Anti Glare, Vented Spherical, Wide Vision Clarity Lens.
The RayZor Blue Iridium Mirrored Sports Lens is truth Sports Lens Offering Color Enhancement to Deal More Clear Presence.

Lens Group:
( Please see “Lens Group Tab” on the main page for full description).
Group “3”.

Ventilation System.
The RayZor Double Air Flow System Makes Sure no Condensation, Misting or Fogging. The Vents on the lens permits the air to distribute as well as gives clear vision in any way times.

Quality & Defense:.
RayZor Sun Glasses & Goggles are guaranteed to take in 100% of damaging UVA & UVB Rays as well as All our Sunglasses & Safety glasses satisfy CE European UV defense lens requirements.

Each Set Acquired Will Be Despatched With A Cost-free RayZor Micro Fiber Carry Pouch and Lens Towel.

Eco-friendly Plan.
Please note we not despatch our sunglasses in a presentation box.
As component of our Eco-friendly Policy, to decrease packaging and waste, we have taken the decision to despatch our products without the discussion box. If you should have a discussion box we can schedule one to be consisted of. As component of an expediency research into just how this would certainly impact our clients, we had no reported problems in a 3 month test period. This is probably an indication of just how durable our items are. Should any item show up damaged please let us understand as well as we will solve appropriately.

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  • TAKING THE BUM OUT OF SKI BUM With the level of craftsmanship, ingenuity, and chic finish that goes into every one of our snow goggles, it doesn’t matter if you can do a backside 360 tail grab. These sophisticated winter goggles, with a Black Frame, will have everyone more focused on how good you are at fashion than winter sports. Whether you’re a stylish ski bunny or a snowboarder that can shred, these goggles are a perfect addition to any outfit.
  • LOOKING ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, then you understand how the reflection of the sun off the snow can be distracting and dangerous. Iridium glass consists of an oxide coating on the lens that allows it to adjust to specific environmental conditions like a sunny day or a snow storm. The saturation helps regulate the light glare, reflection, and absorption, causing the goggle lens (not your eyes) to absorb the light.
  • UV RAY 400 and MIRRORED LENSES Like a blue-bird sky day can be harsh on your eyes, so can flat or low light.That’s when everything looks grey, making it virtually impossible to see anything in front of you like a log, a rock, or jump. These RayZor goggles for Bright sun light were crafted with mirrored lenses and contains UV 400 Ray protection, providing a clear view of whatever is in front of you. Snow sports can be hard; we simply tried to help with the details.
  • DON’T BE CONTINUALLY WIPING DOWN YOUR GOGGLES Aside from the irritancy of not being able to see your surroundings, goggles have a tendency to fog up, get wet, and even crack. Don’t spend half of your trip trying to get your ski eyewear to work. The RayZor goggles are incredibly easy to use. They are lightweight and a wide angle and double lens ski goggle. If that wasn’t enough to ensure seamless vision on any winter outing, they are also vented for your convenience.
  • TAKE COMFORT IN KNOWING YOU OWN A GREAT PAIR OF SKI GLASSES Between the multiple layers of itchy ski equipment, the boots that give you blisters, and helmets that make you feel like a bobble-head, it’s nice to know that at least one thing is comfortable. All of our vented ski glasses are lined with a triple foam soft fleece that prevents rubbing and irritation around your eyes. The goggle frames are molded to contour any face so as to prevent cold air and moisture from getting in.

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RayZor Ski Snowboarding Goggles Image 3 RayZor Ski Snowboarding Goggles Image 2

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