Rapid Eyewear Moritz UV400 Black Ski Goggles Review

Moritz UV400 Black SkiRapid Eyewear Moritz UV400 Black Ski Goggles, the Moritz are stylish, highly practical and versatile, thanks to the innovative removable side arms that can be replaced with a sturdy strap for extreme sports use.

Moulded from a high grade polycarbonate, the frame – finished in matt black – is lightweight, and has a wrap-around styling that blocks unwanted light from the peripheries of your vision. Rubber nose pads and side arm inserts enhance comfort levels.

Rapid Eyewear Moritz UV400 Black Ski Goggles lenses feature an anti-fogging capability, thanks to a special coating applied to the inside surface. Decentred lenses provide optical precision. Improved definition of objects and terrain is achieved through the filtering of blue light.

Moritz has Category 3 lenses fitted, a tint that can best be described as a ‘standard’ level of sunlight filtering. An anti-scratch coating has been applied to the lenses.

In their basic form, Moritz are a highly fashionable pair of wrap-around sports sunglasses. Add the foam windshield insert, unclip the side arms and add the strap and you have a high-specification pair of skiing / climbing / extreme sport sunglasses that will suit beginner and advanced practitioners alike. To switch to Extreme Sports Mode, you simply follow these steps:

1). Unclip the side arms and pull them out
2). Attach the sturdy, wide head strap
3). Adjust the length of the strap to suit
4). Add the optional foam insert

UV Protection And Conformity
Moritz sunglasses offer 100% UVA / UVB protection and conform to ISO 12312 and US Z80.3 standards for safety eyewear.

The Package
Supplied with a microfibre carry pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth, plus the head strap, detachable side arms and removable foam gasket.

Box Contains
Sunglasses with detacheable side arms, strap, microfibre pouch

If you usually ski with sunglasses and have to keep the ski goggles in your jacket pocket inside if there is snow. You definitely think this is uncomfortable but do not like to wear glasses all the time so the Rapid Eyewear Moritz UV400 Black Ski Goggles is the only option that exists for you. No longer! With Moritz Ski Sunglasses / Eyeglasses Sports, you can have sunglasses and sunglasses. You will not realize until you wear it for a few days so that the foam inserts are removed and already think they are great.

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  • HIGHLY VERSATILE ANTI-FOG SPORTS SUNGLASSES WITH RETAINER AND REMOVABLE GASKET that are ideal for use as glacier glasses, ski goggles and general sports eyewear. Manufactured by UK brand Rapid Eyewear
  • Side arms can be unclipped and exchanged for the retainer strap to make skiing & snowboard goggles. The foam gasket can alse be detached and removed for use as regular sunglasses
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. Fully reflective surfaces comparable to mirrored goggles for skiing
  • Ideal for use as glacier glasses
  • Supplied with a microfibre carry pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth

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