Völkl Racetiger SW SL UVO + RMOT2 12.0 D R Review

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Völkl Racetiger SW SL UVO + RMOT2 12.0 D R, No Name a significance such as of the Racetiger. It is as well as is associated with competing at the highest level. Lightning-fast response as well as manoeuvrability integrated with maximum side grip, the Völkl Racetiger SW SL UVO + RMOT2 12.0 D R is the secret for the majority of messerscharf cut, tight turns.
Bound on the brief edge.

Fahrkönnen: Expert
Surface: 100% on piste
Side pull: 120 – 68 – 101 ( at 160 cm).
Weight each ski: 3060g (at 165 W/binding).
Base: Tex 4500.
Core: Speed Wall Multi Layer Woodcore.
Binding: RMOTION2 12 D R.
Rocker: Pointer Rocker with.
Area of usage: Competing and also carving technologies.

The first totally free installed 360 ° Resonance. dämpfer.
Better manoeuvrability.
A lot more smooth operating.
Much better control and also much faster reaction.
Less effort because of low total weight.
Even more efficiency many thanks to the distinct 3D padding.
Powered by Titanium.
Slim, thin, as well as extra resistant aluminum alloy, excellent damping buildings.
Speed Wall Multi Layer Woodcore.

The tough wood material within the side cheek provides the for increased transfer of power, lots for better side hold in and sustains the rim at impact from outside. The soft timber web content in the middle of the ski makes due to Völkl Racetiger SW SL UVO + RMOT2 12.0 D R low weight gives additional agility and also low. The mix of both sorts of wood throughout the whole ski length adds to an optimum rigidness distribution of ski the provides accuracy transmitting.

Tip rocker.
The ski has a variable side size in the blade area. This makes its simpler to transform of the ski. The Vorgespannte location below the foot and at the ski end allows overview as well as assistance for players of all levels.
The Rocker elevation is moderate.

Binding RMOTION2.
Considerably lighter as well as race plate for optimal flex and also the best grasp.
20% wider layout for a much better.
P – Tex 4500 Titanium.

Slalom ski for innovative skiers on an excellent level
For skiers that prefer to ski down the slopes really quick as well as in narrow, severe arcs, this slalom ski is specifically well fit. The ski responds promptly to the vehicle driver’s movements as well as grabs the sides well right into the snow. The manufacturer advertises that the ski is particularly appropriate in difficult snow problems. The width of the ski of 6.8 cm in mix with the binding Motion2 16 GW Race positively affect the curvy owning style.

Blitzschnelle Reaktion und Wendigkeit kombiniert mit maximalem Kantengriff, das ist das Geheimnis für messerscharf geschnittene, engste {Turns|Transforms}.

Fahrkonnen: {Professional|Expert|Specialist}
Gelande: 100% On-Piste
Kern: Speedwall Multilayer Woodcore
Technologie: UVO, Powered by Titanium, Speedwall 2.0, Base: P-Tex 4500
Bindung: rMotion2 16.0 D Race
Rocker: {Tip|Suggestion|Idea|Pointer} Rocker

Lange Radius, Span, Distance Seitenzug
150 11.1 120_68_101
155 11.9 120_68_101
160 12.7 120_68_101
165 12.7 123_68_104
170 13.6 123_68_104

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  • The Racetiger speed Wall SL Uvo is a racing Ski
  • For all athletes which is very sporty are out and about.
  • Speed Wall multi-layered Woodcore
  • Uvo; Tip Rocker
  • Fast response and manoeuvrability

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