Bolle Mojo Ski Goggles (Shiny White) Review

Bolle Mojo Ski Goggles Image 2The Bolle Mojo Ski Goggles (Shiny White) includes double lens which develops a thermal obstacle in between the cool outdoors air and the dampness generated by intense task, stopping condensation. Strap on Bolle Mojo Ski Goggles (Shiny White) medium-to-large fit timeless goggle and also simply do your thing. The flow-tech venting and progressed lens technology will takecare of the remainder to keep you comfortable and haze free up until its time to strike the jacuzzi.

Box Contains
1x Ski Goggles

Goggle collection
For all bikers that have selected snow sporting activities as a means of expression, Bolle resolutely continuouslies bring out innovative solutions.

So as to have excellent presence of the terrain, Bolle has developed unrivaled top quality in Bolle Mojo Ski Goggles photochromic Modulator 2.0 lens, providing amazing, high-performance visual skill also in the most severe conditions

– Lens for all temperature problems.
– NXT lens
– Photochromic polarised lens

Classics: Comfort Without Compromise
P80 + Layer
Embedded costs anti-fog layer in the internal lens disperses water particles across the surface of the lens, restricting wetness develop that could hamper your crystal clear sight of the surface in advance.

Flow-tech Venting
Engineered airing vent systems in each structure advertise directional air flow across the inside surface of the lens, minimizing the potential for wetness develop and keeping your immaculate vision.

Double Lens
Creation of a dual-pane thermal obstacle between the cold completely dry outside air as well as the dampness created by intense task avoids distracting condensation from developing.

Our Story:
Born in 1888 in France.

1937: Sunglasses and optical structure
1945-50: Blazed a trail in moulding nylon to the greatest requirements in the world
1950: Safety glasses and also security glasses
1960: Ski goggles were first marketed by Bollé

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  • Double lens forms a thermal barrier between the cold outside air and the moisture generated by intense activity, preventing condensation.
  • Venting systems in the frame promote directional airflow across the inside surface of the lens, reducing the potential for fogging.
  • Bollé designs are engineered so the goggle is seated in the ideal position for fit, comfort, and technical performance with any helmet.
  • All Bollé lenses block harmful UVA/UVB rays up to 400 nanometers
  • Vermillion lens has a 37% light transmission (Cat 2) for low light, snowy conditions. The lens improves contrast in flat-light.

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