Bolle Carve Ski Goggles Carve Black Review

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Bolle Carve Ski Goggles Carve Black, Among this period’s new styles, the Carve gives simple styling with technical need. Ducting in the frame and lens offer continual airflow to stop misting together with P80 Plus CarboGlas to restrict moisture build up and avoid scrapes.

Box Has
1x Ski Goggles

Goggle collection
For all riders who have selected snow sporting activities as a way of expression, Bolle Carve Ski Goggles resolutely remains to highlight ingenious services.

So as to have ideal visibility of the surface, Bolle Carve Ski Goggles Carve Black has actually established unmatched high quality in its photochromic Modulator 2.0 lens, using amazing, high-performance visual acuity also in the most extreme problems

Lens for all temperature level problems.
NXT lens
Photochromic polarised lens

Standards: Comfort Without Compromise
P80 + Layer
Embedded premium anti-fog layer in the internal lens spreads water molecules across the surface of the lens, restricting wetness accumulate that can restrain your crystal clear view of the surface ahead.

Flow-tech Ventilation
Engineered airing vent systems in each structure promote directional air flow across the inside surface of the lens, minimizing the capacity for dampness develop as well as keeping your immaculate vision.

Dual Lens
Production of a dual-pane thermal barrier between the cool dry outdoors air and the wetness generated by extreme task protects against distracting condensation from developing.

Bolle’s Leisure collection consist of a collection of classy safety glasses that supply style and convenience.

All Galaxy safety glasses are outfitted with polycarbonate lenses which offer 100% UV protection, are light-weight and supply great shock resistance. Additionally, these goggles incorporate Bolle’s Citrus Weapon lens. This includes a category 3 filter (17% light transmission) which is perfect for bright conditions. It also consists of a mirror coating which benefits scenarios that call for a reduction in the total sparkle of light, such as sunshine on snow or metallic surface areas.

These Bolle Carve Ski Goggles Carve Black are made to take a prescription insert so that you could avoid wearing your contact lenses or purchasing ‘over the glasses’ goggles. The optical adaptor is developed to fit firmly into the framework.

The Bolle Carve is an affordable ski goggle with high end features. Helmet compatibility, Double layer fog resistant lenses, flow-tech venting, and double layer face foam all contribute to a comfortable and durable goggle.Fits: Medium.

  • Gunflash lenses reduce glare while increasing contrasts for improved vision in tricky light
  • Double lens with Flow-Tech venting and P80+ Anti-Fog for excellent fog resistance
  • CarboGlas lens treatment resists scratching
  • Helmet compatible
  • Double layer face foam conforms to facial shapes and is comfortable

New to the Bolle goggle range, released in autumn 2012, the medium fit Bolle Carve goggle provides unfussy styling with all the technological essentials. The Bolle Carve goggle features both lens and frame ventilation allowing a constant flow of air through the goggle to reduce fogging. Double polycarbonate Bolle goggle lenses have a anti-fog and anti-scratch coating applied.


  • Medium fit.
  • Helmet Compatible.
  • Double layer foam.
  • Double polycarbonate lens offering 100% UVA and UVB protection.
  • Lens and frame venting.
  • Category 2 and 3 lens options.
  • Soft carry wallet.
  • 2-year warranty.

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  • Flow tech venting
  • Double lens
  • P80 + anti fog goggles
  • Triple or double density foam
  • Features carbo glass

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